Our Process

After a combined 28 Years in Design and Construction, we are continuing to refine and perfect a collaboration process that brings a William David Home to life. 



You’ve found us and are ready to take the next step. Now it’s time to meet face to face. We’ll ask you questions about what you want in a home, and you’ll also have free reign to ask us anything you want — and we promise to respond honestly.

If you’re ready, we’ll talk next steps: initial pricing, design, your vision, your priorities and setting realistic expectations. For most of our clients, this is their first custom-built home. We take that into account and describe the home building process in as much detail as you prefer. If you’re ready, we’ll also begin the discussion about which partner charity may be the beneficiary of your home build. This is the time to get excited, the path to your new home has just begun. Congratulations!

let's make a plan

The first step in the home creation process is getting something on paper. We start by helping you selecting a lot or — if you already have one — exploring the current site on foot. Next comes the fun part: getting creative with a team of designers selected specifically to match your family’s lifestyle. We hope you’re ok with homework, because you will be an integral part of this process.

Idea books, Pinterest boards, magazine clippings and more will provide inspiration and information to our design team in creating the perfect home. The entire design stage consists of 1) site planning 2) floor planning and 3) decision-making. We’ll walk you through each step, offer our professional opinions when needed and ensure everything matches the values you’ve set forth.




Our clients aren’t the average home buyer and our lending partners know that. We’ve fully vetted the lenders we recommend to our clients so the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our partners specialize in construction loans, offer competitive rates and give the best service around. We wouldn’t accept anything less, and wouldn’t ask our clients to either.


The selection process is finalizing the details that will give your home its true essence and personality. Our personalized design team will apply your vision into something tangible, but first, the plans will be poured over by a panel of experienced families that will give honest feedback about the functionality of the design. We want your home to meet the needs of real-world living as well as reflect the individualities of your family.




Communication: It’s a priority in the building process and a priority to us when dealing with clients. When the time comes to break ground, you’ll be introduced to your construction manager, the point person for all things related to the home build. From there, multiple site walks and vision meetings will be scheduled so you are fully up to date on everything that happens in the process. From the foundation to the final tile installed, you’ll be informed about your home and its construction journey.


It’s as ceremonial as it is practical, but the final walk-through is the day we hand over the keys and make sure everything is exactly as you wanted. This is the day we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a day for celebrations, for new beginnings and sometimes even hugs.